What I Do, Da Do:

Play 6 Different Instruments 

-Perform A Wide Variety of Music Styles 


-American Folklore & Joke-Lore 

-Perform One Man Historical Shows {See Programs} 

-Perform for Kids and Seniors {Schools/Nursing Home}

-Tour North America 

-Appear at Music Festivals and Camps 

-Teach Ukulele & Harmonica Classes and Online 

-Write Instructional Books for Hal Leonard Corp

-Scraps of Quilting Music Show 

-Jewish Cultural Heritage Programs {See Programs} 

-Love My Family, Friends and Fans With All My Heart 



Howdy Friends, Thanks for making a stop at Lil Rev Central. Check out my schedule, store, bio and much more! Please know, that I am most grateful for your interest in my work. I consider myself to be a troubadour who just happens to love teaching on a variety of stringed instruments and Harmonica. -Lil Rev 

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