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      What's Lil Rev All About: 

  • Storyteller, Poet, Author 
  • American Folklore & Joke-Lore 
  • Perform My One Man Historical Shows {See Programs} 
  • Perform for Seniors {Nursing Homes}
  • Appear at Music Festivals and Camps 
  • Teach Ukulele & Harmonica Classes In Person & Online 
  • Write Instructional Books for Hal Leonard Corp
  • Multi-Instrumentalist (6 different instruments)
  • Performs solo and in a variety of different duo, trio and quartets 
  • Writes Loads of Original Music & Is A Torch Bearer for Old Tunes 
  • Tours North America & Canada 


Howdy Friends,

Thanks for making a stop at Lil Rev Central.

Check out my schedule, store, bio and much more!

I hope you know, that I am most grateful for your interest in my work.

As i head into 2023 my schedule is filling up with lots of cool gigs, classes, music camps, tours, and plans to finish a few new projects. 

To start, i'll be touring Florida in late January and early February. 


What's new: I'll be releasing a new CD in 2023 called: Unheard: a collection of original music written on the tenor guitar and with the help of Jim Eannelli as producer and co-performer on all of the tracks. Its gonna really push the envelope of what folks think Lil Rev record could and should be! 

I'll also be finishing up my clawhammer uke instruction book and Baritone Method Book #2 for my publisher Hal Leonard. In addition to this, i will be self-publishing a new instruction book titled: Super Easy Blues Solos in C (For Uke) .

Lastly, i plan to release my 4th collection of poety titled: The Bard's Beacon, which will consist of poems, quotes, pics, ramblings and jive. 

Watch my calendar...Lots of cool stuff coming up. 

Hope to see you, 

Lil Rev 

PS: If you've never been to my ukulele blog, you might find some interesting articles there! Give it a peek at: 

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