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What I Do, Da Do:

Play 6 Different Instruments 

-Perform A Wide Variety of Music Styles 


-American Folklore & Joke-Lore 

-Perform One Man Historical Shows {See Programs} 

-Perform for Kids and Seniors {Schools/Nursing Home}

-Tour North America 

-Appear at Music Festivals and Camps 

-Teach Ukulele & Harmonica Classes and Online 

-Write Instructional Books for Hal Leonard Corp

-Scraps of Quilting Music Show 

-Jewish Cultural Heritage Programs {See Programs} 

-Love My Family, Friends and Fans With All My Heart 



Howdy Friends,

Thanks for making a stopping by Lil Rev Central.

Check out my schedule, store, bio and much more!

I hope you know that I am most grateful for your interest in my work.

I am continuing to perform even amidst the pandemic via my live streams. 

Keep the faith, Be Strong, and let's get back to live music when it's safe to do so. 

Lil Rev 


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