Notes on Stu Fuchs and His Most Recent Release: After All This Time.

Some years ago, I  bumped into a young ukulele player named  Stu Fuchs at The New York Ukulele Festival. 

Stu was itching to jam and his fascination with the ukulele was over-the-top genuine. 

When I think back on that New York Uke Fest, I remember two time with the late-great Bill Tapia 

and connecting with Stu Fuchs. 

It wasn't long after  that gathering that I heard from Stu and of his interest in taking his immense ukulele skills out on the road. 

There are a lot of great teachers, and a lot of great performers, but few possess both and Stu is one of them. 

Thus, I was happy to hear Stu was ready, willing and able to share his skills with others. 

It didn't take long, before Stu had begun making a name for himself on the ukulele circuit and today has become a teacher in great demand.

Stu's is a man after my own heart, as he's spent a lot of time in hospice using music as therapy with cancer patients, he's taught kids and run a ukulele club...

I say all this, cause experience fuels the fire, and gives depth to a man's soul and Stu is not lacking in soul...dig! 


                                                                           Lil Rev & Stu Fuchs Circa Winter 2015 Milwaukee, WI at Rev's home 


Stu's repertoire is unique, though his real strengths are grounded in Gypsy Jazz, Classical, Samba, and South American styles,

he also has a great grasp of Rock, Blues, New Orleans and Island Styles, all alongside his ever expanding body of often

humorous and deeply touching original compositions. 

While Stu's mastery of the guitar is an apparent affinity for him, he has taken the time to study the works for Roy Smeck,

George Formby and many other early purveyors.        


                                         Open the windows! Open the Doors, Let a little light into your homes and get Stu's Newest Release! 


Which leads us to Stu's newest release titled: After All This Time (C) 2017. 

After All This Time, features Stu on 12 tracks of song, instrumental, and poetry set to music.

Stu rounds out these selections performing on ukulele, guitar, flute, Didjeridoo, and percussion. 

Here are a few of my favorite pieces...

Track #1-My Little Jumping Flea is Roy Smeck Inspired song, an ode to the ukulele, fun, lilting piece that has a little something for even the most 

discriminating ukulele player by way of finger-picking, tapping, slides, lead solo, chordal work and a heaping dose of 1920's flavored jive. 

Track #2- Magic Ukulele Waltz, this piece along is worth the cost of the record. Its apparent that Stu has a real grasp of the Smeck style and this Roy Smeck Composition features virtuosic picking, strong tremolo and spot-on harmonics. 

Track # 4 When You Have What You Have, You Have What You Want I am glad Stu is channeling his deeply spiritual insights into songwriting, since this is a great example of what we're bound to get if he keeps on writing great pieces like this on. Its from the heart, and full of gratitude and hope. Can't wait to hear more songs like this from Stu's pen! 

Track #5 Aloha Oe' Medley- A perennial favorite at Fuchs shows, this track shines a light on luscious chord/melody playing and like many of Stu's arrangements flawless movement between a variety of different arrangement styles. 

Track #7 Yogi Bear  Many of my favorite pieces on this record are Stu's Originals including this humorous little ditty, novelty song. 

Track #8 Can't Help Falling In Love A Lovely, eloquent arrangement of this classic piece, It displays the full-range of Stu's abilities across the gamut of this ukulele pickers expertise. 

Other tracks give the listener a great sense of what you'll get at a Fuchs show including Didjeridoo and finger-style guitar. 

Stu's CD, After All This Time, is a beautiful imprint of a young, evolving artist's love for all that was, is and just might be! 

After All This Time weds an astonishing array of technical mastery with a real heart-felt passion for the instrument, with this record you'll hear a seamless  progression of chord-solos, finger-picking, lead-style, tremolo, triplets and highly syncopated vaudeville-esq strumming. 

If its Ukulele Zen that you've been searching for, than look no further than the fine works of Mr. Stuart Fuchs a la

Stu Fuchs and Babik rending the 12th Street Rag. Now we all need to go home and practice! 



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  • Anna Atcheson

    Anna Atcheson Braselton ga.

    Do you have your songs out for sale an are the songs about quilting all on one CDs. An if so we're can I get it? I really loved your music on Nancy's show this sat an want your music. Thanks please let me know. Or email me at thanks for your time.

    Do you have your songs out for sale an are the songs about quilting all on one CDs. An if so we're can I get it? I really loved your music on Nancy's show this sat an want your music. Thanks please let me know. Or email me at thanks for your time.

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