Deering Ukulele Banjo Review

Here's a video link to my review of the Deering Tenor Banjo Ukulele


Overall, The Deering Tenor Banjo Ukulele its a lot of bang for the buck.

Its got a large pod, for a great big sound.

I find the neck silky smooth and its overall playability to be very manageable.

The instrument comes with a well-fit green stitched gig bag and aesthetically, the instrument has some nice character to it.

I especially like the maple tone rim and neck, as well as the cool old time fret markers. 

The real highlight for me, is the patented bridge plate that helps stabilize the bridge and prevent it from sliding around, like most banjo ukulele bridges. 

My only bias, is that some players might not like the large maple rim (pod) and perhaps would prefer a smaller head. Personally, I like the larger pod. 

If that's not an issue for you, then this instrument sells for $599.00 and would make a great addition to your overall ukulele arsenal. 

PS: Some might like to know, that in 2016, when I made my Claw & Hammer Record, I used the Deering Tenor Banjo-Uke and it held up great in the studio. 

Remember, when the studio clocks is ticking, its times like these that really matter, when intonation, tuning and ease of playability are on the line! 

I'd like to thank Janet at Deering for giving me a chance to play this instrument and do a short review. 

Lil Rev

2-3-18 / Sheboygan, WI 

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