Fiddle Tunes For Ukulele


Lil Rev will be teaching 6 easy fiddle tunes for ukulele {open to all levels}. Included in this class will be the art of backing up fiddle tunes, tunings, playing with fiddle and banjo, joining an Irish or Old Time Jam, boom chuck Strum, 6/8 strum, Should You Learn to do clawhammer, as well as propulsive strumming techniques that help drive a tune along. We'll study reels, jigs, waltz and other instrumental dance music that can be played on the ukulele. I'll be team teaching with Special Guest: John Nicholson {co-author of the fiddle tunes for ukulele book} You'll also receive a PDF of Lil Rev's article: The Ukulele In Old Time Music originally printed in The Old Time Herald Magazine. This class is recorded so you can study the material whenever you like. $35.00